All About You Need To Know The Reasons Of Choosing Li- Ion Battery For Golf Cart

Should you use your own golf cart a lot you want a battery that is likely to be reliable. Listed below are a few reasons to go lithium for your golf cart battery. You're among these, you are aware that a golf cart can make the game far more enjoyable. While some golf cart will allow you to get round the course without needing to haul your golf bag, you need to make sure it has enough power for your job. This implies paying attention to your batteries and updating when you're ready.

Here's why you need to think about upgrading your golf cart battery with a quality lithium-ion unit.

Reduces Weight of Your Golf Cart

It should come as no surprise that Li- ion batteries are incredibly heavy. And the longer you want the battery to last, the thicker the device will be. These scooters make even the speediest light-weight golf cart exceptionally heavy. And the heavier your golfing cart is, the slower it will move across the course. Worse, if you're playing damp turf, the cart will probably sink in.

Nobody wants to be responsible for leaving tire tracks on the fairway.

Lithium golf cart batteries are a lot lighter. This makes your golf cart a lot easier to maneuver and helps you reach a comfortable rate faster.As an added bonus, lighter golf packs require less power to move. Less power means less drain on the batteries, which means you may expect a longer-lasting charge cycle with each use.

Lasts Longer Over Time

All batteries, if lithium ion batteriescan get charged a set amount of times before they begin losing their capacity to hold a charge. The more you use the battery, the less charge it retains. This usually means that you'll need to plug the golf cart more frequently once the batteries reach their highest number of charge cycles. After several hundred charge cycles, the battery will discontinue charging to 100 percent. The more you use the battery, the lower its whole power has.

No Longer Care

When you bought your golf cart, you probably believed the only maintenance you'd want to do would be to the cart . Lithium ion batteries are needed to get topped off with distilled water every few months. If the cells in the battery remain dry, the battery stops holding a charge.

They're Eco-Friendly

When you're ready to replace your batteries, then you can recycle them. However, some batteries are more difficult to recycle than others. Lithium batteries are easier to recycle and place less strain on the environment. This implies they're the most eco friendly battery type on the market! All you have to do is find a certified battery recycling drop-off place.

No Probability of Acid Spills

If the battery leaks or the casing corrodes, you are going to have to face an acid spill. These spills are hazardous to the components of your golf cart, the environment, and your health. And the only way to prevent them is to keep the batteries correctly charged and kept at all times.For most golf cart owners, that's not an alternative. After all, you are out on the course using the cart, not storing it for months at a time.

Cheaper Per Hour of Use

As we mentioned earlier, lithium batteries can undergo more charge cycles than lithium ion batteries. This means they last longer. And the longer your batteries continue, the less you'll spend on replacements. Over the life span of this battery, you'll spend much less on maintenance expenses. But that's not all. Lithium ion batteries are more efficient. Their charges have a tendency to survive longer. And the less you have to control your batteries, the less you'll pay on your electric bill!

More Power Means More Speed

A lithium golf cart battery has more power than the usual sized SLA battery. What this means for your golf cart is a massive improvement in speed and power.The more electricity your batteries provide your engine, the easier it is for the cart to navigate uneven terrain.

And when you are on the flat, the exact same power means you are going to go quicker without emptying your batteries as quickly!

Less Vulnerable to Temperature Changes

If you are a year-round golfer, then you want the cart to work in most weather conditions. This includes freezing temperatures.But some batteries drain faster in cold weather. As a consequence, that you might end up stranded on the back nine.By upgrading to a lithium ion battery, you are going to have to worry less about the weather. Lithium cells operate well in all temperatures. And though you might observe a small decline in electricity in extreme states, you'll still make it through your round before having to plug in.

Update Your Golf Cart Battery

But if you anticipate using your golf cart regularly or even as a neighborhood commuter, then you're going to want to upgrade to a lithium ion battery. Browse our choice of high quality batteries on the internet and see the difference firsthand.

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If you're not sure which model is the ideal choice for your cart here, We'll help you discover the ideal golf cart battery for your cart kind and driving habits.